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.sbs is for forward-thinking organizations, corporates, businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals who believe in doing well for themselves and doing good for communities side by side.

The .SBS domain, which stands for "side by side," is the go-to place for website visitors who are brought together through their shared goals and ambitions. Demonstrate the strength of your community and your shared values with .SBS.

Why choose a .SBS domain?

Businesses, organizations, and groups that are dedicated to making a difference in their community can use the .SBS domain to advocate for their cause or showcase their philanthropic contributions.

Those who share similar ideologies (such as political parties, cultural groups, or religious organizations) can create a sense of worldwide community by creating a dedicated online space.

Nonprofits and activists can demonstrate a united front by activating their supporters via an online community.

Corp.sbs Benefits

What's Included:

The domain Corp.sbs can only have one owner in the whole world. With millions of businesses around the world competing for attention, a unique name will help you stand out from the crowd.

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